Our company concentrates at decoration and restoration works. We prefer, above all, the large-scale orders (e.g. reconstructions of whole buildings, constructions of new buildings, maintenance of historical buildings, administration buildings, hotels and banks, restoration of churches etc.). We can also take minor orders (e.g. wall-painting of family houses, restaurants, staircases and entrance halls etc.), but taking such an order depends on whether our decorators are fully occupied or not. The spectrum of works we offer is quite wide (from smooth one-colour painting up to very difficult painting techniques),for instance:
ornamental paintings
adaptations of stucco decorations
stencil paintings
gilding (from metal up to 24 kt gold)
illusive paintings (relief designes and lines)
oil paintings and lincrustas
glazed paintings (patina, batik)
stuccolustro (Venetian stucco)

Furthermore, we conduct complete restoration research (from in-depth and belt probing through photodocumentation - discovering of original designs and colours - evaluating the condition of preservation … up to completing a report for an investor or a specialist from the National Office for Preservation of Historical Monuments).

We also offer expert consultancy concerning colour designs of interiors as well as exteriors, choice of patterns, suitable techniques etc. We provide the services on our own or in cooperation with an architects´office.